Xcel EV Charger Rebate

Xcel EV Charger Rebate: Power Up Your Savings on Home Charging

Thinking about buying an electric vehicle but worried about the cost of installing a home charger? Xcel Energy’s EV Charger and Wiring Rebate can help! This program offers financial assistance to eligible customers who want to set up Level 2 charging at their residences.

Faster Charging, Lower Costs

Level 2 chargers offer a significant advantage over standard household outlets. They provide a much faster charge, significantly reducing the time it takes to get your EV ready to hit the road. Xcel’s rebate program helps offset the upfront cost of purchasing a Level 2 charger and potentially upgrading your home’s wiring to accommodate it.

Savings Up to $1,300

The program offers rebates of up to $500 for standard customers. However, income-qualified customers can enjoy even greater savings, receiving a rebate of up to $1,300. This can significantly reduce the financial burden of installing a Level 2 charger and make owning an EV even more attractive.

Eligibility: It’s Simple

To qualify for the Xcel EV Charger and Wiring Rebate, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements:

  • Drive an EV: This applies to both all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Xcel Energy Customer: Your residence in Colorado must receive electricity from Xcel Energy.
  • Optimize Your Charge: You’ll need to agree to participate in Xcel’s Optimize Your Charge program, which involves charging your EV during off-peak hours.

Understanding Wiring Costs

Level 2 chargers require a dedicated 240-volt circuit, similar to what powers an electric dryer. The actual cost of installing this circuit depends on your home’s existing electrical setup and the location of the charging station.

Helping Hands Available

Peak EV Solutions won’t leave you hanging when it comes to wiring. Our Peak Certified Technicians who are qualified electricians can assess your home’s needs and provide an estimate for the wiring work. We can also help you leverage the rebate while installing your Level 2 charger.

Applying for the Rebate: A Two-Step Process

Taking advantage of the Xcel EV Charger and Wiring Rebate is a straightforward process:

  1. Enroll in Optimize Your Charge: This program allows Xcel to manage your charging schedule during off-peak hours, potentially reducing your electricity costs.
  2. Apply for the Home Wiring Rebate: Once enrolled in Optimize Your Charge, you can apply for the rebate to offset the cost of your Level 2 charger and any necessary home wiring upgrades.

By taking advantage of the Xcel EV Charger and Wiring Rebate, you can significantly reduce the cost of setting up a Level 2 charger at home. This program makes owning an EV and enjoying the convenience of home charging more affordable than ever. So, if you’re considering an electric vehicle, be sure to check out Xcel’s EV Charger and Wiring Rebate program and start saving today!

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There are many rebates and incentives available through Federal, State, Local, and Utility programs. To check your eligibility, use our EV charger rebates and incentives search tool. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that some programs require chargers to be UL and/or Energy Star certified.

It depends on your location but many times you can combine multiple rebates and incentives for EV charger installation, if eligible, but be sure to review the terms and conditions of each program. For more information, check out our Rebates page.

As a general rule of thumb, your local municipality will require an electrical permit and an inspection after the completion of your home EV charging station installation. Our Peak Certified Installers are required to always apply for and receive permits prior to commencing installation so you don’t have to.

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