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Who We Are

Peak EV Solutions is a family company; fueled by a deep passion for vehicles, technology, and assisting consumers in making the transition to electric vehicles. Running four generations strong, our passion, communication, and responsiveness have created a customer-centric environment that ensures you are satisfied with your home EV charger installation.

What We Do

We are 100% focused on providing home electric vehicle charger installation services.

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Meet the Team

Ron Rooney

When you dial the number for Peak EV Solutions, Ron is the guy who picks up. He is relentless in ensuring that our customers are happy and have the best possible experience. Ron has been married for almost forty years and has four children and four grandchildren (a fifth on the way). He has always been an avid car enthusiast, a passion that was instilled in him at an early age by his father and has since been passed this along to his children and grandchildren (on four wheels and two).

John Rooney

John is responsible for identifying and vetting potential electrician partners to join our network of Peak Certified Installers. So, when your project is complete and you think to yourself, “That was awesome, I enjoyed working with that electrician!” you can thank John for upholding our strict partner standards. Outside of work, John is a lifelong automobile enthusiast who enjoys a good beer and fresh powder on the slopes.

Joe Rooney

If you found us through a search or advertisement, that was most likely Joe’s doing. He oversees our marketing and website development to attract the best customers, just like you. Joe resides in Denver, Colorado, and is passionate about sports, cars, and catching rainbow trout on a sunny summer day.


To provide customers with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective resource for EV charger installation services, while maintaining the best communication in the industry.


Understanding the ever-changing EV industry can be complicated, our vision is to use our expertise to help customers realize the full benefits of owning an electric vehicle.


We are a family enterprise that values integrity, strong communication, and making sure our customers are always happy.

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