The electric vehicle revolution is here, and with it comes the question: where do we plug in? While public stations exist, home charging offers convenience and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. But how much does it actually cost to install an EV charger?

The Need for Charge

As EVs gain popularity, the demand for accessible charging solutions is skyrocketing. Installing a charger at home not only adds comfort but also contributes to the infrastructure vital for widespread EV adoption.

Charger Choices

From Level 1 for slow home charging to fast-charging Level 3 found publicly, each type has its advantages and costs. Understanding these options empowers you to make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

Cost Considerations

Installation expenses depend on factors like charger type, location, and existing electrical infrastructure.

Future-Proofing: Choose scalable and upgradable equipment to adapt to future technology advancements, extending the lifespan of your investment.

Location Matters: Proximity to existing electrical infrastructure and trenching needs significantly impact costs. Plan carefully to minimize expenses and maximize convenience.

Beyond the Obvious: Consider hidden costs like permits and potential electrical panel upgrades to ensure your budget is accurate.

DIY vs. Pro

While technically savvy individuals might think a DIY installation is a good idea we are here to remind you that it is never a good idea unless you are a licenses and qualified electrician. A Peak EV Solutions certified installer will ensure a safe and smooth installation process. All of our installers are licensed and perform all work above board, not to mention their exceptional customer service.

Government Incentives

Many governments offer financial incentives to encourage charger installation, potentially offsetting a portion of your costs. Research available programs in your area to maximize your investment. You can also test out our rebates and incentives tool.

Cost Breakdown

On average, a level 2 home charger installation costs around $1,800 not including the charger or a panel upgrade. There are typically three different types of installations:

  • Scenario one – $500 to $1,000
    • Panel Location: In your garage close to where you’ll mount your charger
    • Panel Status: Not full
  • Scenario two – $1,500 to $2,000
    • Panel Location: Outside of the home or inside the home but not in the garage
    • Panel Status: Not full
  • Scenario three – $3,000+
    • Panel Status: Full, requires upgrade

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