The classic American road trip is getting a green makeover! Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer confined to city commutes. With an expanding network of charging stations and a little planning, you can explore the country’s stunning landscapes in a sustainable way. Here are some of the best electric vehicle road trips in the US, catering to various interests and durations:

Top 4 Electric Vehicle Road Trips in the US

1. For the Nature Enthusiast: Colorado Rockies Byway

Breathe in the crisp mountain air as you cruise along the Top of the Rockies Byway in Colorado. This scenic route, designated as an “EV-Friendly Byway” by the state’s Department of Transportation, boasts charging stations approximately every 100 miles. Hike through alpine meadows, marvel at the majestic peaks, and soak in the beauty of pristine lakes. Be sure to factor in cooler temperatures that can affect battery range, especially during the winter months.

2. For the Beach Bum: California Coast Cruise

California leads the nation in EV charger availability, making a coastal road trip an ideal choice. Start your journey in San Diego and wind your way up the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at charming beach towns and soaking up the sun. Cruise through redwood forests and explore the rugged beauty of Big Sur. With ample charging options and stunning ocean views, this route is a perfect fit for those seeking a relaxed and scenic escape.

3. For the History Buff: Nashville to Natchez Trace Parkway

Step back in time on a leisurely drive along the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 444-mile route rich in history and natural wonders. This scenic byway, dotted with charging stations, stretches from Nashville, Tennessee, to Natchez, Mississippi. Explore Civil War battlefields, visit charming antebellum towns, and immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of the South.

4. For the Weekend Warrior: Pacific Northwest Loop

The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery, and luckily, it’s also EV-friendly. Take a weekend trip from Seattle and explore the scenic Cascade Loop. This 440-mile route winds through lush forests, charming towns, and volcanic peaks. Make sure to check the accessibility of charging stations during the winter months, as some mountain passes may be closed.

Remember! No matter which road trip you choose, planning is key for a smooth EV adventure. Utilize apps like PlugShare to locate charging stations and factor in charging times when planning your itinerary. With a little preparation, you can experience the joy of the open road while embracing a sustainable travel style. So, pack your bags, charge up your EV, and get ready to hit the eco-friendly road!


Q. How far can I realistically travel on a single charge in my EV?

A. While standard ranges are increasing, most EVs fall between 200-300 miles on a full charge. However, this can vary depending on factors like weather, road conditions, and driving habits. Utilize trip planning apps like A Better Route Planner (ABRP) and EV charger locators like Peak EV Solutions’ Alternative Fueling Station Locator to consider these factors and create a realistic charging schedule for your specific EV.

2. What are some things to consider when choosing a charging station?

Not all charging stations are created equal! Look for stations with DC fast chargers (Level 3) for quicker charging times, especially on longer trips. Check the station’s availability through apps like PlugShare to avoid disappointment. Additionally, consider the amenities offered at the station, like restrooms or restaurants, to optimize your charging stop.

3. Are there any incentives for taking an EV road trip in the US?

Several states offer incentives for EV drivers, including access to HOV lanes or discounts on charging. Research your route to see if any benefits apply to your trip. National parks and some private campgrounds are also starting to offer charging options, making them ideal stopovers for eco-conscious travelers.

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