Mazda PHEV Owner Enjoys Faster Charging Thanks to Peak EV Solutions

Castle Rock, CO – A Mazda CX-90 PHEV owner in Castle Rock, Colorado can now enjoy the benefits of faster charging at home thanks to a recent Level 2 charger installation by Peak EV Solutions, a leading provider of EV charger installations in the Denver metro area.

The homeowner was impressed with Peak EV Solutions’ service, saying:

“Peak really did a great job on my installation. They were quick and provided quality craftsmanship, and they were nice guys. I would definitely recommend them to all.”

This project highlights Peak EV Solutions’ dedication to providing Castle Rock residents with a smooth and professional EV charger installation experience. Their team of highly skilled Peak Certified Installers ensured a safe and efficient installation, allowing the homeowner to conveniently charge their Mazda CX-90 PHEV at home.

Benefits of Level 2 Charger Installation for Castle Rock EV Drivers

Installing a Level 2 charger at home offers significant advantages for Castle Rock residents who own EVs:

  • Faster Charging: Compared to a standard household outlet, a Level 2 charger significantly reduces charging times, allowing you to top off your battery overnight or during the workday.
  • Convenience: Home charging eliminates the need to rely on public charging stations, offering greater flexibility and control over your charging routine.
  • Peace of Mind: Peak EV Solutions’ certified installers guarantee a safe and up-to-code installation, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your charger.

Considering an EV Charger Installation in Castle Rock?

Peak EV Solutions can help! They offer a variety of Level 2 charger options to suit your specific needs and budget. Their team will guide you through the entire process, from providing a free quote to professional installation.

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Q. What is a level 2 charger?

A. A level 2 charger is a faster alternative to a standard household outlet, significantly reducing charging times for your electric vehicle.

Q. Do I need a permit for a home EV charger installation?

A. Permit requirements can vary depending on your location. Peak EV Solutions can help navigate the permitting process in Castle Rock.

Q. What factors impact the cost of an EV charger installation?

A. The cost of installation depends on the charger model, electrical panel upgrades (if necessary), and cable length needed to reach your parking spot.

Q. How long does a typical EV charger installation take?

A. Most installations can be completed in a single day.

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