Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, and with them comes the need for convenient charging options. Installing Level 2 EV chargers in multifamily properties in Denver not only supports this growing trend but also offers numerous benefits to property owners and tenants alike. Learn more in our ultimate guide to Level 2 EV charger installation for multifamily properties in Denver.

Level 2 Chargers: A Perfect Fit for Apartments

Level 2 EV chargers are faster than standard chargers, adding about 25 miles of range per hour. This makes them ideal for apartments where residents park for extended periods. Additionally, Level 2 chargers are more affordable than ultra-fast Level 3 chargers, making them a better fit for apartment budgets.

Denver’s Growing Demand for EV Charging

Denver is experiencing a surge in EV adoption, driven by environmental initiatives and consumer preference. To meet this demand, the city is encouraging the development of EV charging infrastructure, including stations in apartment buildings.

Benefits for Apartment Owners

Installing level 2 EV chargers can significantly increase the value and appeal of your apartment complex. Tenants seeking eco-friendly living options will be drawn to buildings with charging stations. EV chargers can also improve tenant satisfaction and retention rates.

Before You Install

Before installing chargers, assess your building’s electrical capacity to ensure it can handle the additional load. Choose convenient locations for the chargers, such as near building entrances or in designated EV parking spots. You’ll also need to obtain permits from the local authorities.

Costs and Savings

The initial cost of installing Level 2 chargers includes the charger units, installation labor, and potential electrical upgrades. However, these costs can be offset by increased property value, potential incentives from Denver or Colorado, and charging fees paid by tenants.

Choosing the Right Charger

Look for Level 2 chargers with features like fast charging speeds, compatibility with various EVs, and smart capabilities for remote monitoring and management. Popular brands include ChargePoint, Tesla, and ClipperCreek. Smart chargers are ideal for apartments as they allow for efficient usage tracking and management.

Installation and Maintenance

Consider using a Peak Certified Installer – qualified electricians with experience in EV charger installations to ensure a safe and compliant setup. Regular maintenance checks and professional inspections will keep the chargers functioning optimally.

Legal Considerations

Familiarize yourself with Denver’s building codes and HOA (Homeowners Association) regulations to avoid any installation hurdles. Additionally, stay informed about federal and state laws regarding EV infrastructure.

Marketing Your Green Investment

Promote the availability of EV chargers in your marketing materials and online listings to attract environmentally conscious tenants. Consider obtaining green certifications like LEED to further enhance your property’s appeal.

The Future of EV Charging in Apartments

The future of EV charging is bright, with advancements in wireless charging and vehicle-to-grid systems on the horizon. Investing in level 2 chargers now positions your apartment complex for long-term success in an evolving market. As EV adoption continues to rise, apartments with EV charging will likely remain highly sought-after, attracting quality tenants and commanding premium rents.

By installing level 2 EV chargers, Denver apartment owners can cater to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, improve tenant satisfaction, and increase their property’s value. Careful planning and execution are key to reaping the numerous benefits of this forward-thinking investment.


Q. What is the typical installation time for a level 2 EV charger?

A. The installation time for a level 2 EV charger typically ranges from a few hours to a full day, depending on the complexity of the installation and the property’s electrical infrastructure.

Q. How much does it cost to install a level 2 EV charger in Denver?

A. The cost can vary widely for commercial projects, including equipment and installation fees. Incentives and grants can help offset these costs.

Q. Are there any government incentives for installing EV chargers?

A. Yes, there are various federal, state, and local incentives available. Denver, in particular, offers several programs to encourage the installation of EV charging infrastructure.

Q. What are the maintenance requirements for a level 2 EV charger?

A. Regular maintenance includes periodic inspections, cleaning, and occasional software updates for smart chargers. It’s advisable to have a professional check the system annually.

Q. Can tenants be charged for using the EV chargers?

A. Yes, property owners can set up a billing system to charge tenants for the electricity used. This can help cover the costs of installation and maintenance.

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