From Frustrated to Fully Charged: Peak EV Solutions Makes Home Charger Installation a Breeze for Lakewood Resident

Looking to ditch the gas station for the convenience of home charging for your new electric vehicle (EV)? This Lakewood resident found himself in that exact situation after purchasing a Hyundai Tucson plug-in hybrid. Uncertain about the process and wanting to explore faster level 2 charging options, he turned to the internet for guidance.

The Challenge: Unfamiliarity with Home EV Charger Installation

Like many new EV owners, this client wasn’t sure where to start. He needed a reliable solution for level 2 charging at home, but the technical aspects and installation process seemed daunting. A simple Google search led him to Peak EV Solutions, a local company specializing in EV charger installations.

The Peak EV Solutions Difference: Expertise, Convenience, and Personalized Service

Our customer was immediately impressed by Peak EV Solutions’ commitment to customer service. After submitting a request for a free quote, he was contacted by our very own Ron, Peak’s CEO and co-founder. Ron’s expert approach quickly put him at ease. He asked insightful questions, requested photos of his garage outlets and electrical panel, and within half an hour confirmed compatibility for a level 2 charger.

Going the Extra Mile: Personalized Support and Peace of Mind

Peak EV Solutions wasn’t just about selling a product. Ron took the time to recommend a specific charger, provided helpful links for purchase and installation guidance, and even offered to personally visit this customer’s home to test compatibility. This dedication to customer satisfaction ensured he made an informed decision with complete confidence.

A Five-Star Experience: Seamless Installation and Tax Rebate Assistance

Ron explored potential tax rebate opportunities for him, forwarding helpful links and documentation.

“Having just purchased a plug-in hybrid vehicle and wanting to explore faster (Level 2) charging options, but unsure of how to proceed, I located Peak EV Solutions through a Google search, and submitted my contact info for the free estimate that was advertised. I was immediately contacted by Ron. He asked expert questions, and asked me to take pictures of the various outlets in our garage, and the house’s electrical panel, which I did. Within half an hour he responded to say that all looked in order for me to purchase a Level 2 charger, and he recommended one, sending me links to purchase, as well as links to installation instructions. Just to make sure, he asked whether I would like him to come to my place, and he would bring such a charger, and we’d try it out. We made an appointment for the following day. He came, the charger worked like a charm, and I duly placed the order for the charger. He also kindly looked into a possible tax rebate, forwarding me links and documents that might be of use with our tax people. When I asked him what I owed him for his expert advice, and coming to my house, and said that all he wanted was a [positive] Google Review. I would have done this anyway, since he went so far above and beyond what would have been otherwise required, even if I had been paying him. He made the purchase and installation of this charger as easy as it could possibly be, for which I am extremely grateful. Use Peak EV Solutions for any EV questions or needs you have!! I’d give ten stars if I could.”

Thinking About a Home EV Charger Installation?

Peak EV Solutions can help you join the growing number of happy EV owners who enjoy the convenience and cost savings of home charging. Our Peak Certified Installers provide expert advice, top-quality products, and a seamless installation process. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the Peak EV Solutions difference!


Q. What is a level 2 charger?

A. A level 2 charger provides significantly faster charging times compared to a standard household outlet.

Q. Do I need a home charger for my EV?

A. While a standard outlet can provide charging, a level 2 charger significantly reduces charging times, making it a convenient option for most EV owners.

Q. How much does a home EV charger installation cost?

A. Costs can vary depending on factors like charger type, cable length, and electrical panel requirements. Peak EV Solutions offers a Free Home EV Charger Installation Quote to help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Q. Can I qualify for a tax rebate for a home EV charger?

A. Government incentives and tax rebates may be available. Peak EV Solutions can provide guidance on exploring these potential benefits.

Curious about your EV charging options? Contact Peak EV Solutions today!