Highlands Ranch Resident Zooms into Savings with Peak EV Solutions’ Expert Charger Installation

Looking to ditch the gas station and switch to a cleaner, more efficient electric vehicle (EV)? You’re not alone! This Highlands Ranch resident recently made the switch and partnered with Peak EV Solutions for a seamless home EV charger installation.

The Challenge: Finding the Right Fit

This customer wasn’t just looking for any EV charger installation company. They wanted a professional, knowledgeable partner who could guide them through the process and ensure a safe, efficient installation. After receiving several quotes, they felt overwhelmed and unsure.

The Peak EV Solutions Difference

That’s where Peak EV Solutions came in. Unlike other companies, Peak EV Solutions focuses on client education and satisfaction. During their initial call, a friendly Peak EV Solutions representative not only discussed installation options but also uncovered a valuable tax incentive the customer wasn’t aware of, on top of the existing Xcel Energy rebate.

A Smooth Installation Process

Peak EV Solutions then connected the customer with a trusted, Peak Certified Installer who offered competitive pricing and a clear understanding of the project scope. The project involved installing a 200A panel on the outside rear of the home, with access through the unfinished basement and trusses to reach the desired location in the garage. The entire installation process was completed quickly and efficiently.

Testimonial: A Happy EV Driver

The customer is thrilled with their new EV charger and the exceptional service they received from Peak EV Solutions.

“I was getting quotes to install my EV charger and an ad popped up in my browser. I don’t usually click on ads but I am glad I did this time. I learned about an additional tax incentive from my call with Peak EV Solutions, along with the rebate from Xcel. No pressure just good information and then they gave me a great referral to a licensed electrician who was priced better than the estimates I had. Installation happened quickly and I am very happy with my new charger. Definitely worth your time to get on a call with them.”

Partner with Peak EV Solutions for Your Home EV Charger Needs

Ready to experience the convenience and savings of home EV charging? Peak EV Solutions is your one-stop shop for expert advice, qualified installers, and a smooth installation process. Contact Peak EV Solutions today for a free quote and get on the road to a cleaner, greener future!


Q. What is a level 2 EV charger?

A. A level 2 charger is a faster and more powerful option for charging your EV at home compared to a standard outlet.

Q. How much does it cost to install an EV charger?

A. The cost of installation varies depending on your specific needs and electrical setup. Peak EV Solutions offers Free Quotes to help you determine the best solution for your budget.

Q. Do I qualify for any tax credits or rebates?

A. Peak EV Solutions can help you explore potential tax incentives and rebates available in your area.

Don’t wait! Contact Peak EV Solutions today and experience the Peak difference!