The funding for the Denver Electric Vehicle (EV) charger rebates has been extended, as it had run out last week. However, given the previous allotment, it is anticipated that the funds will not last for long. Therefore, it is crucial to act promptly and reach out to us now to get your home EV charger installed in Denver. As an approved vendor, Peak EV Solutions can ensure that you receive instant savings through the Denver program. Call now or fill out this contact form to learn more.

Electric Vehicle Home Wiring Rebates – Denver EV Charger Rebates

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) with a Level 1 charging cable can take a long time. EV owners interested in charging faster can consider installing a Level 2 charger at their home. The EV Charging Home Wiring Rebate provides 80% off of the cost of your installation, up to $1,000, to assist with installing either an Energy Star Certified Level 2 EV Charger, a home Tesla charger, or a Ford Charge Station Pro.

V2B or Bidirectional Charging Rebates – Denver EV Charger Rebates

Several “Vehicle 2 Home” or “bidirectional” chargers are coming onto the market in 2023, allowing fully-charged EVs to discharge their battery and return power to a home when needed. Bidirectional chargers open up the potential for:

  • Plugged-in EVs provide power back to the electrical grid at peak times to help keep up with electrical demand. This avoids bringing extra fossil fuel generating stations online.
  • Extra power for the home during a power outage (helpful to keep a fridge or essential medical equipment running)

If you’re interested in being a trailblazer, you can apply for up to $2,000 to cover installation costs.

To learn about home EV charger installation rebates contact Peak EV Solutions today at 720-828-3225 or to learn more about how Peak EV Solutions can get your level 2 EV charger installed at the best prices in Denver. You can also schedule a free call here.

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