Effortless Home EV Charging in Westminster: Peak EV Solutions Makes it Easy!

Congrats on joining the electric vehicle (EV) revolution with your new Hyundai Ioniq 6! Now, you need a convenient and fast way to charge at home. That’s where Peak EV Solutions comes in. We’re your trusted Westminster, Colorado partner for expert Level 2 EV charger installation.

Our team of Peak Certified Installers are highly trained professionals dedicated to a smooth and successful experience. We’ll ensure your home is equipped with the ideal charger for your situation such as the ChargePoint Home Flex charger, a popular choice for its reliability and efficiency.

Why Choose Peak EV Solutions for Your Home EV Charger Installation?

  • Stress-Free Process: From initial consultation to final inspection, our team will guide you through everything. No question is too small!
  • Peak Certified Expertise: Our installation partners are highly trained and experienced in level 2 EV charger installations, guaranteeing a safe and code-compliant setup.
  • Xcel Energy Rebate Assistance: We’ll help you navigate the Xcel Energy rebate program to maximize your savings on your EV charger installation.
  • Happy Customers, Happy Homes: We prioritize your satisfaction and back our work with a comprehensive guarantee.

A Satisfied Peak EV Solutions Customer Speaks:

“After buying a new EV I had questions about a charger, Xcel rebates, etc. A quick call here sorted everything out. Got my home charger and the rebate from Xcel in a timely manner.” – Westminster, CO Hyundai Ioniq 6 Owner

Ready to Experience the Peak Difference? Get a Free Quote Today!

Contact Peak EV Solutions for a free, no-obligation quote on your home EV charger installation. We’ll answer your questions and recommend the right charger for whatever make and model vehicle you drive and your specific needs.

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Q. What is a level 2 EV charger?

A. A level 2 EV charger is significantly faster than a standard household outlet, allowing you to fully charge your EV overnight.

Q. Do I qualify for the Xcel Energy rebate program?

A. The Xcel Energy rebate program offers incentives for homeowners who install EV chargers. We can help you determine your eligibility.

Q. How long does a typical EV charger installation take?

A. Most installations can be completed in a few hours, depending on the complexity of your electrical system.

Q. What type of EV charger do I need?

A. Our Peak Certified Installers will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable charger for your EV model and home electrical system.

Don’t wait! Take control of your EV charging experience and contact Peak EV Solutions today!