Electric Vehicle Home Wiring Rebates – Castle Rock Rebates for EV Charging

Xcel EV Charging Rebates

Xcel Energy’s EV Accelerate At Home program simplifies EV charging at home. Customers can choose to either rent or purchase a pre-approved Level 2 charger (including ChargePoint and Enel X models) from Xcel, who will then handle installation and maintenance. The program even offers a rebate that can cover the entire project cost for qualified customers, making the switch to electric car ownership even more attractive. However, to qualify for the rebate, the specific charger must be on Xcel’s approved list.

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CORE Charging Rebates

CORE EV Connect

CORE offers a program where members can receive a credit that varies and can cover up to 100% of the material cost for installing an approved EV charger on their property. However, the program only applies to chargers that operate on the approved ChargePoint network and are specifically included on the program’s list. Additionally, CORE provides a separate $15 annual credit to members who simply connect their personal ChargePoint charger to CORE’s network.

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CORE EV Charge

CORE offers a residential EV charging program where they’ll reimburse up to 50% of make-ready electrical costs, capped at $400, for a Level 2 charger installed by a CORE-affiliated electrician. The program covers ChargePoint-brand chargers on their approved list, and CORE will own, maintain, and install the unit. However, there’s a $22 monthly subscription fee added to your electric bill to cover program benefits.

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Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Castle Rock Rebates for EV Charging

Q: Can I use the rebate to rent an EV charger?

A: Possibly, you can participate in Xcel’s EV Accelerate at Home program to potentially cover installation and wiring costs while renting a charger.

Q: Where can I learn more and apply for the Castle Rock rebates for EV charging?

A: Click the links above to learn more and apply for both the Xcel and CORE EV charger rebates. Our Peak Certified Installers will ensure that you receive the maximum savings through the available Castle Rock EV charger rebate programs.

Q: How can Peak EV Solutions help me with EV charger installation?

A: Peak EV Solutions and our Peak Certified Installers can help you with the entire process of installing an EV charger at your home, including:

  • Choosing the right charger for your needs and budget (Tesla, Rivian, ChargePoint, JuiceBox)
  • Maximizing available Castle Rock EV charger rebate savings
  • Completing the installation process

Q: How do I get a free quote from Peak EV Solutions?

A: You can fill out the form below to receive your free quote!

Peak EV Solutions

Say goodbye to slow charging and range anxiety! Fuel your Castle Rock adventures from home with a Level 2 EV charger installation from Peak EV Solutions, the leader in Colorado charging. Equip your home with the latest Tesla, Rivian, ChargePoint, or JuiceBox charger, and enjoy convenient, reliable charging at your fingertips. Our expert team will guide you through the process, help you maximize rebates, and find the perfect solution for your needs and budget. Don’t wait – claim your free quote today and start charging into the future with Peak EV Solutions!

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