Looking to join the eco-conscious movement and switch to an electric vehicle (EV) in Boulder? Fantastic choice! But the cost of installing a home charger might be a hurdle. This article is here to help! Dive into details on eligibility, and rebate amounts, so you can save money while making the switch to convenient and environmentally friendly home EV charging. Explore Boulder rebates for EV charging April 2024!

Utility Program – Xcel Energy EV Accelerate At Home

Residential Level 2 Charger

Rebate Varies
Capped at 100% of Project Cost

Customers can choose to either rent or buy a charger from Xcel Energy. Xcel will then install and maintain the charger. Customers are also eligible for a special off-peak charging rate. The charger must be on the program’s approved list. Included chargers are ChargePoint and Enel X.

Learn more about Boulder Rebates for EV Charging April 2024 – Utility Program here.

Federal Program – Federal EV Charger Tax Credit

EV Charger Tax Credit Residential

$1,000 per Site
Capped at 30% of Project Cost

The federal tax credit, often referred to as the 30C tax credit, covers 30% of an EV charging station, necessary equipment, and installation costs. For residential installations, the IRS caps the tax credit at $1,000. You claim the credit on your Federal tax return by completing a form 8911. The Inflation Reduction Act extended this tax credit through 12/31/2032.

Learn more here.

Rebate and Incentives Tool

Find out how much you can save on your home EV charger installation with our free tool. Simply type in your zip code and see if you qualify for rebates and incentives in your area.

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