Some of the key changes likely to occur include:

  1. Increase in EV sales: With governments around the world pushing for the adoption of electric vehicles, the demand for EVs is likely to increase significantly over the next five years.
  2. Expansion of charging infrastructure: To support the growing number of EVs on the road, charging infrastructure will need to expand. This includes both public and private charging stations.
  3. Development of new battery technology: With the continued growth of the EV market, there will be an increased focus on developing new and improved battery technology. This could lead to longer-range EVs, faster charging times, and lower costs.
  4. Growth of the second-hand EV market: As more EVs hit the roads, the market for second-hand EVs is likely to grow, offering more affordable options for consumers.
  5. Emergence of new EV models: Over the next five years, several new electric vehicle models are expected to be released by both established automakers and new players entering the market.

Overall, the electric vehicle market is poised for significant growth and change over the next five years, with major implications for both consumers and the automotive industry.

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